Mental health, is the most critical yet neglected topic in our society. Mental health not only defines how emotionally stable you are but how healthy and peaceful your mind is. Healthy mind has a positive approach towards every aspect of life. It has a great impact on whole body. Our mind controls every voluntary, involuntary, conscious and unconscious movements and actions thus, healthy mind plays a vital role in body maintenance.

Sometimes we fail to identify who is struggling mentally because it does not depend upon external appearance but the internal mental state that can sometime only be identified if the person is willing to share or seek help. Taking about mental illness is thought to a taboo because of its complexities and delicacies.

Many psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist study mental health and its consequences on human body and that with little negligence it can give rise to extreme results.





As my body dropped into the ground and I felt it hit me. I should have said `thank you´ to the nature as my body was covered with dirt but I showed all regret. People consoled to my family and I received many flowers and prayers not in life but after death.

In our lives emotionally and physically we have lost many people, we never imagined we might lose them and we never remind ourselves that one thing can re-build every affection all over again. And unfortunately the most notable reaction is REGRET.

This a live-today-gone-tomorrow world and here only two things are assure: the time we have now and death which is totally unavoidable. Even we know life is extremely  unpredictable we show no gratitude. Do we ever challenge ourselves to show gratitude to our loved ones? Why do we wait for their fatal illness so that we can present them flowers, and who knows that they will live through the night. 

 Then they die and all left is regret, regret which turn us hollow inside with no sense of love and gratitude.

Every decision better or worst we have made, lead us to what we are today and hopefully wiser and stronger than yesterday so why ashamed of what we were that day. We do not showcase gratitude but carry anger and guilt. Regret is something that none of us want but yet all of us crave.


Show gratitude everyday to everybody. Give flowers to those who are alive and never allow regret to kill your joy because nothing kills regret like gratitude.














Home was meant for me that I drew with caryons on white sheet, that supposed to look like the place I lived in.
Home meant where I came back from school to eat my food and do my schoolwork. But now as I grow up I experienced totally different concept of home. Home is not the place where I come to sleep most nights. It’s not the house where family never talks nor the place where I could pretend that I am fine and smile so they won’t try to discover the truth behind my teeth.

HOME is my best friend where I could laugh with them till my stomach hurts. Home is my book store where I read and it’s all music I listen to when I am sad or in a bad mood and when I see them laughing I forget all my pain. Home is where people make me feel less alone.
Home was never a place it is a feeling, it is the way people I love say my name, the people who help even if I try to hide because they can see because they are family.

Home is not a house, it is everything else.        ♥♥                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                #inspired.



A group of old friends, highly established in their careers, got together to see their high school professor. They all were highly gleeful to see him. Conversations start and soon turned into gambles and complains about all the stress and competition in work and life. Offering his guests coffee he went to the kitchen and returned with a big coffee pot and variety of cups. Crystal, plastic, ceramic, glass. Some shining expensive, some plain. He told his guests to help themselves with coffee. After everyone had their cup of coffee the Professor said, If you noticed all the expensive and beautiful looking cups have been taken up leaving behind the plain colourless and cheap one. While it is natural that we always pick the most expensive and attractive things for yourselves. That is the reason of our problems and stress even we know that the cups add no quality to the coffee but what all of you wanted was coffee not the cup but you went for the best cup and the you began observing each other´s cups to see who had the best one.

Now consider, Life is the coffee and the jobs, status, career and position in society are the cups. They are just the tools a human use to hold life. And the type of cups does not define nor change the quality of life we live. Sometimes while concentrating on the cups we fail to enjoy the coffee. Tang the coffee not the cups.

Happiest people do not have best of everything in their life but they just make the best of everything.

Stop judging, stop comparing yourselves. Live simply and Love generously.



Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family.


Blood is thicker than water but I say loyalty is thicker than blood.

You don’t have to be blood to be family just the act of being there, a little sacrifice and loyalty makes you family. Loyalty is thicker than blood relations. Blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family because people accept you for your abilities, behaviours and for who you are. You just need to be sincere with every single relation and every single thing because you are doing this for God and because you are a better person. Treat them better than they treated you and you will find your self surrounded by beautiful relations. Not the blood relations but the relations you made with love, loyalty and truth.

Note: I have written this content based on inspiration from Seanan McGuire’s quote:

“Blood is thicker than water, but family isn’t just about blood. Family is about faith, and loyalty, and who you love. If you don’t have those things, I don’t care what the blood says. You’re not family.”


Why all messed up?


(Mès) – Clutter, disorder.

When life is all messed nothing feels good even nothing attracts you and you feel useless.

Well, being lazy all day could be accepted as a normal phenomenon but when you are lazy, sad very sad and mood swings changes frequently you keep on drinking black coffee like 5 cups in a day and feel mess because you can not free your mind from certain insecurities which are eating you up slowly slowly.

When your life is in a state of shamble mind feels like tired and heavy and and you certainly but accidentally but as per need you jump to another cup of coffee and from 5 to 6 cups a day. Duh, No work all stress this become our motto. But don’t you think before jumping to another cup of coffee and living a life like a sad rock star under anxiety and huge stress level you must thing why all messed up? A question I ask myself and often feel stressless because we are human beings come on. Yes we can get over it we can get over all the mess because when we leave everything aside and listen to the voice of your body, relax, breath and think. We could actually get an answer not because you can not listen to your body but because you have to listen, listen deep listen to your heart beat and smile, Yes smile because you can.

We all have capability to over come our weaknesses and even to explore our dark areas.

Make up a journal. Write. Speak, speak to your self (even if it feels like a mad man) Smile to hide your sorrows so that no one can make you feel low about your weakness. Dress good and bright just for your self. Put on some makeup (only f you are a girl lol) and walk by the crowd and open your hands feel the wind and look at the beautiful sky, smile and thank your ‘All Mighty’ that He made you in the best possible and perfect way. And you have to be the way you are.

I know every time everything is not perfect the way you want but try to live for others as well. Let it go if it is not the way you have planned. Let it bring smile on others face so that you can feel a little lighter and free.

The meaning of Life

Life is a mixture of various problems but living it is a better solution. From birth to death life revolve around the bitter aspects of living.

I believe, even every one of us believes that what goes must come but sometimes life puts us in certain conditions where no one has any sympathy for you. Moreover it maybe a worst moment of life but as it goes you will not remember the harm or the cruel words because time heels but the only thing that matters is what we learn. Everything happens for a reason and we always want to know what that reason is but God hides it so that we could learn who we are, we can understand ourselves and can manage to stand by ourselves after every fall.

Time flies goes on and on but at times Our mistakes teaches us the exact meaning of life. The meaning of life and its bright and dark high and low good and bad aspects that are the reality which every person has to go through and accept. Its just the matter of time that how you can manage to handle it your way. Its not hard it just needs to be yours, the way you want. But for this you need to listen to your soul what it speaks to you so that you could know what you are capable of. You just need to have a time with your own self by closing eyes and thinking of what you are made for and you will hear and see what you actually want and then you will be no more afraid to show it to the world.

Knowing what you can do. Knowing the reason of your existence and benefiting others with your capability is the actual meaning of life.


-jawairiaa .